Firefox Build cont.

Alright, when I left off yesterday, I was having trouble with the libnotify library.  Dave was kind enough to give me direction on how to continue with my build.  He provided me with the library name I needed to install.  I was able to continue by putting in the following command:

yum install libnotify-devel

And I present to you my first problem solved:


My second problem was easier to figure out as the error gave me direction:


So I just obeyed the instructions given to me by the error and I downloaded the wireless-tools-devel package:


My last problem was harder to understand.  The build had been running for a while and was displaying some seemingly unintelligible things, if you’re not used to it.  For a while, I thought I found the error (which is highlighted in the following):



It wasn’t until I received advice from Dave on Moznet IRC that I was able to move forward again with my build.  He said that I haven’t seen the error yet and what I was looking at was not the error.  Here’s an excerpt of what he said that made me chuckle:

[15:51] <@humph> nope, you’re missing it
[15:51] <@humph> it’s higher
[15:52] <@humph> get on your ladder and climb higher in that window

He was right, of course.  My terminal cached only 512 lines so the error was getting cut off and I wasn’t able to see it.  I increased the line count to something along the line of 9000 lines.  Lo-and-behold, I found the error:


At first, I thought it was my fault because I, admittedly, didn’t check tinderbox the night I cloned from the repository.  I let Dave know and he told me to give it a try using the hg pull -u command.  I did that and rebuilt.  Still no luck.  Fortunately, Ted had some free time and was able to chime in.  He mentioned bug 517566 which was the same problem I was having with the webGLContext.h and webGLContext.cpp.  Ted mentions that I would need to install the mesa-libGL-devel package.  Looking at the comments in the submitted bug, it seems that the problem is on its way to getting fixed.  At least, I saw the following header check being thrown around that will be helpful to people move on from the obstacle I encountered:

AC_MSG_ERROR([Can't find header GL/glx.h for WebGL (install mesa-common-dev (Ubuntu) or mesa-libGL-devel (Fedora));])

So after resolving that problem, I was able to continue my build and eventually finish it.  It took roughly about two hours altogether after I was able to get it continuously going (granted it probably would have been ten times faster had I allocated more hardware resources to my virtual machine).  I was able to get Firefox to run but not without kinks:


Did I succeed in my build?

AC_MSG_ERROR([Can't find header GL/glx.h for WebGL (install mesa-common-dev (Ubuntu) or mesa-libGL-devel (Fedora));])

2 Responses to Firefox Build cont.

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  2. andor salga says:

    I love Dave’s humor.

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