Untested (untestable) 0.3

I’ve finally had time to sit down and finish my 0.3 release.  It’s way late and I know I have several people waiting on parts of this release.  Andor has mentioned in several of his posts the reason as to why this release is untested or untestable.  I wish I could’ve had time to get together and work on this more with the group but things always got in the way, especially exams.  Anyway, my commit for 0.3 can be found by clicking here.  The tickets can be found here.

To describe them quickly, they’re the camera, ortho, perspective and frustum functions.  They required some calculations.  What ends up happening is after the calculations, the information gets put in a 3d matrix (which is essentially a 16 slot array).  I also created a primitive 3d matrix stack.  I’ll add more functions as they are required.  If you have any function requests for the stack, please place them in the ticket.

Now, this release will probably need more upgrades.  I can safely say that already because MinyXO created a PMatrix3D object, which makes for easy use of 3D matrices.  I’ll have to modify the functions and variables I’ve created to reflect that addition to Processing.js once it’s added.  So, that will probably be part of my 0.4 release as I’ve indicated on my tickets already.

Hopefully, with more free time over the holidays, I can talk to some of the group and get some testing done for my release.

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