Continuing my journey in Open Source…

Just starting OSD700 and I’m a week behind already.  Luckily, the 0.4 release (which is out at the end of this week) involves more review than adding new functions.  We’ve also added some new members to the team… Tiago Moreira, who will be the project manager and release driver.  The other new member is Corban Brooks, who will act as another reviewer to help take the load off Al (aka F1LT3R).

Project Plan for OSD700

My project plan has already shifted.  I was initially going to try to tie up loose ends in my code and re-release my 0.3 code.  However, the group goal for 0.4 is to iron out previous code that may already be approved and put into the library.  So we’re starting a peer-review process and making the check-in process more efficient.  This will help future releases.  So, as far as the 0.4 release goes… there’s not supposed to be any really new code (which means I should postpone my changes until 0.5).  This is somewhat good because my future functions (or trying to take future functions) we’re looking a little bleak.  Anyway on to unveiling my plans:

Release 0.4 – Peer Review and Check-in working code (make sure PMatrix3D gets in)
Release 0.5 – Adjust camera functions to include PMatrix3D and more efficient in-library functions.
Release 0.6 – Pick up matrix functions that Ed Sin (MinyXO) left off with and make sure they get checked in.
Release 0.7 – Finalize any problems with the camera/matrix functions and finish beginCamera and endCamera.
Release 0.8 – Fix and bugs with beginCamera and endCamera.
Release 0.9 – bug fixing?
Release 1.0 – more bug fixing?

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