Triaging and Reviews – Release 0.4

With the recent finish (or almost finish due to one last ticket – linting), I figured I should write a blog post about it… considering we’re supposed to blog about each release… anyway, I also figured I’d start to set an example for Dave’s new students (whom I told to take the class), who are new to the world of blogs.

I took on a number of tickets for peer review.  Tickets #: 1, 42, 60, 61, 171, 188, 205.  Luckily, most of the code worked and had tests… so making sure they worked and the code looked simple and easy to read wasn’t too hard a task.

Ticket #1
This ticket was the first one inducted into lighthouse and it still hasn’t made the repo.  It was my job to make sure it passed.  It wasn’t very hard considering all of Daniel’s code looked great.  He did have an old test that wasn’t working anymore up.  I remember it working before though so I just took his code and plopped it into a newer instance and it worked.  I passed it for super-review.

Ticket #42
It was to fix the infinite loop happening in nf().  The fix looked simple enough that it didn’t even need to be tested.  I passed it for super-review.

Ticket #60, 61, 62
Andor’s release and awesome demo(needs 3D capable browser, like Minefield) proved it’s worth.  I, admittedly, didn’t even see the need to use the examples for a test.  I passed it for super-review.

Ticket #171, 188
The code was pretty straightforward using localStorage in the DOM.  I was a bit concerned about the tests slowing down my computer (as I could hear it struggling).  I brought this up to Corban and he said it was fine.  It was due to the strings being saved every time the canvas is redrawn (which was a lot).  I passed it for super-review.

Ticket #205
This was already pre-tested by me.  I used the tests that I wrote and plugged in sephr’s code.  It works well and is more efficient so I backed it and passed it for super-review.

Next release…

With 0.4 set, I am looking out for the next release.  Unfortunately, the code I checked in for 0.3 and that I got reviewed for 0.4 didn’t make the cut.  It was mainly due to my not testing and having a few bugs.  I’m currently working out the bugs and writing tests this weekend for it.  You can keep up with what the 3d squad will be releasing for 0.5 by clicking here.  Now that is a plan to integrate our work and make sure combining it goes smoothly.  Hopefully, it works.  I’ll let you know next week, if not sooner!

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