Long Journey

We’ve come a long way from when we first started the Processing.js project.  I came to this realization while looking for demos and cool projects to showcase at the OCE Discovery convention happening next week.  At first, I was having trouble finding something new because most of the cool stuff happening with PJS was something we already knew about (for example, Dave’s Audio Build with PJS).  So, trying to find something new was a bit of an arduous task.  When I had given up and looking on to do better things, two different uses/visualizations show up over the weekend.

The first is a visualization of the Evolution of Privacy on Facebook.  This was made by Matt McKeon who is a developer of the Visual Communication Lab at IBM Research’s Center for Social Software.  While the demo isn’t as flashy as some of the stuff that myself and the PJS team have seen before, it’s really impressive as far as seeing the uses for the library.  Speaking for myself, it caught me by surprise.  I started realizing that PJS was becoming more mainstream.

My second example came over the weekend in the form of a game.  Being a gamer myself, I was pretty excited to see Zelda on PJS.  This was created by Derek Doucett at ravenousgames.com.  It’s still a little slow and the PJS code side of things probably needs a lot more optimization but it’s definitely really cool.  Things like this help with determining what we need to work on with optimizing the library code.  It’s really great to see our work being used for amazing stuff like this.

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