PGraphics cont’d…

I said I was finished with working on PGraphics; turns out I’m a liar.  I was working on it for a day more, with much encouragement from Dave.  Through our meeting yesterday, he helped me see the model of disassembly to see if it was possible to even do.  For debugging the issue, he suggested I strip PJS from the equation and see what we can do with just canvas.  So, I took the source code for one of the Learning WebGL examples and used it for my test case.  I was having more problems with it and was almost ready to give up.  Dave suggested that I strip down the example more; remove the movement from the objects and pre-render the initial canvases instead of writing them in the background.  In the end, I had a working test case.

(Note: need a WebGL enabled browser)

The problem I was starting to experience at the end of working last night was that when writing to a buffer (instead of a pre-rendered canvas), I was getting errors on Minefield.  The new example was working on Webkit/Safari though (with a few resize bugs).  I think the bugs/problem had some sort of size issue with the buffer but I couldn’t look into it more.  I’m moving past this problem for now as I have other items I need to fix (and a greater amount of them).  Hopefully, with this basis, it won’t be too hard to solve the problem the next time I look at it.

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