createGraphics 3D (PGraphics) working!

I actually got it working last Tuesday and the working example of it has been up since then.  I just wanted to polish it more and maybe make a different example to show the process in this writeup.  However, I’ve been busy since last Tuesday and prolonging this announcement seems unwise so I’m just going to go with what I have.

createGraphics now runs with a 3D environment!

Note: you need a webGL enabled browser to see 3D

After a couple of months of thinking and deciphering the brilliant hack that John Resig put in for createGraphics/PGraphics, I finally got its 3D counterpart working.  Actually, it wasn’t really a couple of months… maybe altogether about 2 straight weeks.  I’ve had to test whether it was possible first and the results were very good.  It also helped me file bug 571061 with Mozilla.  Once I had it working without Processing.js (PJS), I knew what the process was to get it working with PJS.  At first, I implemented it with pre-existing canvases.  Once that worked, I changed it to work with dynamically created ones.  It turns out that I was already really close and in the end the code only needed a few modifications.  And now we have createGraphics working with the 3D scope as well!  Maybe I’ll put up a better example sometime soon involving great uses for this new feature, like mirrors suggested by F1LT3R.

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