Toronto WebGL Community

Left to Right: myself, Benoit, Andor and Matt

This is the Toronto WebGL Community!  Or at least the people we know that currently actively work on it…  if there’s more of you out there, feel free to let yourself known and get involved by posting on the comments of this blog.  I’ll make sure the right people see your stuff.

Anyway, this picture was taken at the Mozilla Toronto Offices.  Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with some of my co-workers talking to Benoit Jacob about the WebGL implementation within Minefield.  We were doing some profiling and giving feedback on what changes could be made to provide better support for those using the WebGL API through Firefox/Minefield.  So if any of you have suggestions, specifically more about how it’s implemented in Minefield and less about the actual WebGL standard, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get the idea to them.

I, also, learned a couple of neat tricks.  One such is a built in profiler in Linux that I could use on my desktop at work.  It will make bottlenecks a lot easier to find.  The command is perf record, which actually only came out to Ubuntu on a recent release.

We discussed other performance boosters, like TypedArrays.  This is a new proposal to the Javascript language and will be somewhat monumental considering JS is a type-less language.  This introduction will help improve WebGL code and will pave the way for the final release of WebGL.  It just has to be approved by the standards committee.

***NEW*** Toronto WebGL Mailing List (created by Benoit) – clickity

13 Responses to Toronto WebGL Community

  1. Evgeny says:

    To make GPU based simulations
    one need true floating point and integer textures, 3D textures (OpenGL ES extensions). Is it very difficult to add them to WebGL?

  2. aSydiK says:

    Well, that specifically isn’t something Mozilla can implement on their own, as they’re just looking to implement what’s in the WebGL spec. Last I heard, Khronos gave the no to producing and standardizing WebGL extensions. I would say approach Khronos but it looks like you’ve already done that (as I found your question on the message boards). Best bet is to go to them (through the boards or the mailing list) and maybe if you get enough support they’ll follow through.

  3. Benoit Jacob says:

    The WebGL spec does allow extensions, and there are plans to add standard extensions after WebGL 1.0 is finalized, and just yesterday on the public_webgl list there was a mention of the possibility of adding floating point textures as a standard extension:

    “On a positive note the particular case of floating point textures I would guess that an official WebGL extension to support them will be near the top of the list once WebGL1.0 ships.”

  4. aSydiK says:

    Ah, my mistake. I misunderstood my source. Thanks for the clarification Benoit!

  5. Diego says:


    I am working on webgl. Check my video on youtube:

  6. Robert says:

    Wow, That is impressive!
    Whats up fellows?. Gotta love the chalkboard scenery.

  7. Peter says:

    Had no idea there was a local community for this type of stuff. Good to see. I’ve documented a few experiments on my blog: See you guys around.

  8. aSydiK says:

    Peter, it’s always great to see more Torontonians who do work with WebGL.

  9. Benoit Jacob says:

    We should set up a wiki or a mailing list or something, to organize meetups. Vlad will be in Toronto around september-october so we should definitely have a gathering around that time.

  10. Peter says:

    I’m interested in a mailing list or a meetup. I’d like to stay up to date with this group.

  11. Robert says:

    Anyone seen the Novint Falcon?
    I think they made some Linux progress.
    Makes me dream…

  12. aSydiK says:

    A Toronto mailing list would be awesome.

  13. Benoit Jacob says:

    Here’s the new Toronto WebGL community mailing list!

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