XB PointStream 0.4 Release!

So, I haven’t really talked about my new project a whole lot and now I’m going to change that. This is somewhat a pre-emptive release blog as the release isn’t really finalized and probably won’t be until early next week. I just really didn’t know what to name my blog.  I, also, apologize in advanced as this blog will not be very visual… but feel free to click on the links and I’ve also got a sample demo of the PSI file reader below.

Anyway, XB PointStream is on a good course and we’ve got some functionality working with it so far.  Andor Salga will be implementing items like streaming asc files and webgl arrays for this upcoming release.  As for myself, I’ve been working on PSI files and reading them for the past few releases.  I’ve included the framework for reading PSI files and the XML tags used for said files.  It reads the binary in the file and puts it in a variable for now.  I’ve got a sample demo of it in action (note: due to the size of the file, it does take several seconds… the “test” word will turn into ascii binary).

So I’ve implemented the framework, but the actual conversion of the binary will take a little while longer to implement.  Mainly, it’s due to the fact that I still have to decipher the reader they gave me and make better sense of it to finally convert it.  It’s probably going to take a few more releases before I get a finalized working version.  There’s also still plenty to do in the meantime though.  Like with the current release, I’ve also implemented a few easy functions.  One was a simple default function that sets some of the variables back to their default values.  The other was taking sephr‘s tinylog lite logger from Pjs and put it into XBPS, so that we have a simple logging mechanism.  This will probably be changed later to our own custom one, once we have time to implement it.

I’m going to leave you with a bunch of links relating to the project:

Wiki Page – clickity
Github Repo – clickity
Ticket System – clickity
Twitter – clickity
Blogs – clickity

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