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So, I’ve taken a huge step back in terms of blogging.  I just haven’t felt like there’s been much to blog about.  I’m here to refocus because I’ve made what I consider “huge wins” with working on XB-PointStream.

I did feel like I didn’t have much to blog about.  I was having huge problems in the past.  I even approached certain knowledgeable people in the field and they couldn’t help.  It was all a very frustrating experience.  I found the problem and it was one of those really minor ones that can ruin your whole focus.  It was almost as bad as a missing semi-colon… but harder to debug because there were no actual errors being given by the program.  And now I’m sharing so there can be a bit of guidance for those that need it.

First, let me tell you about how I’ve gotten to this point.  I was able to make an example that provided me with the right data by taking binary information and translating it to something comprehensible.  Now, the next step was to use that knowledge and transcribe it into our XB-PointStream system.  This is the point where in I start to have problems.  While plugging in my knowledge and adapting it into parser form, I forget an integral part of reading binary.  Which was:

AJAX.overrideMimeType('text/plain; charset=x-user-defined');

The above code is very important… if missing, the binary values you’re receiving from your XmlHttpRequest will not be correct.  This little bug was my bane for a long while.  I could not understand how I could get it to work with one example and not my new parser.  This lead to my taking apart my parser in numerous points and not being able to see my problem.

After resolving that huge issue, fixing up this parser has been much easier.  I’ve got this example of mickey loading without any normal information.  If you click the picture above, you will see that I have also got it working with our acorn example.  This shows the dynamic properties instilled within the parser.  I’ll have more of our examples up soon.  Soon, lighting will also work as soon as we can adapt our framework to take unsynchronized vertex attributes.  That’s what is coming for our 0.6 Release.

2 Responses to Refocus – PSIParser

  1. buddhatron says:

    Never got around to commenting here when I first read this post –
    The Mickey parsing is badass and a truly stimulating experience. Very nice work. Keep that future of the interwebz coming. ;D

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