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Mickael Medel

Mickael Medel

Last Update – Apr 12, 2011:

My time at CDOT is coming to and end and I’m looking to explore certain work options.  I will be graduating from Seneca College at the end of this semester.  If anyone has any job availabilities that may apply to myself, please feel free to forward them to me!

I’m still looking to continue working on Processing.js and XB PointStream on my free time.  I might be looking to explore different projects in different languages as well.  I was thinking maybe some Ruby on Rails or Python for some more programming language exposure.  Like I said, if anyone has suggestion, feel free to give me links.

Update – Jul 21, 2010:

Time for an update.  It’s been a while… I’m still working at my diploma from Seneca College.  I will be done soon, hopefully, with just a few more courses to go.  I’ve gone through both OSD600 and OSD700 courses, as you can tell if you’ve been following this blog from the very beginning.  As of right now, I’m working for Seneca College’s Centre for Development of Open Technology.  I’m working on Processing.js, which was my project for my open source courses.  I’m also working on a different project called XB PointStream.

While I still find a bit of time for video games, developing programs has actually taken a bigger active role in some of my free time.  The open source community and exciting projects I’m working on has definitely kept my interest.

First Update – Oct 10, 2009:

About time this was filled in.

I’m currently an aspiring developer.  Before OSD600, I was mainly focused on game development and game programming.  Now, experiencing this course, I’ve opened myself to the Open Source community and the endless and interesting possibilities.  Just this afternoon, I became excited about something I knew a while ago but never really thought about.  The idea that Google Wave is Open Source and the community behind it is just as astounding as Mozilla’s current one (where my current project takes place).  This blog is mostly about my professional work but I am willing to express personal opinions on here should the time arises.  It’s basically to document events in my life, foremost professionally, but also personally.

Since I am an aspiring to be in game development, you can also guess that I’m a gamer myself.  I’ve dabbled in many MMO’s in the past and have also been known to be on a few competitive teams.  I started off in Counterstrike, then moved on to Soldier of Fortune 2.  I picked up Call of Duty 2 for a while and then Call of Duty 4 (yes, I skipped 3).  The current game I’m playing semi-competitively is Team Fortress 2.  I play for a team called Northern Resistance.

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