XB PointStream at FSOSS 2010

The Free Software and Open Source Symposium has come and gone (nine days ago) and I’ve still yet to blog about my presentation.  In fact, I just plain haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ve fallen out of habit.  It could be that I’m too busy or that I still don’t like writing about things I haven’t completed.  Either reason is no good and inexcusable.  I’m here to rectify that and talk about my presentation at FSOSS 2010.  I may, also, provide an update (later on in the day) on what’s going on with XBPS.

It was, overall, a good experience.  I’m a little less scared when it comes to public speaking now.  My fellow CDOT workers and I had practice runs.  We also gave constructive feedback on how we can improve our presentations (special thanks to Mike Hoye for sitting through our presentations when he didn’t have to).

The actual presentation ran a lot shorter than I had wanted it to go.  It ended up being only fifteen minutes.  I didn’t want to really get into too much technical detail and was going more for a broad explanation.  The interest came through after when the question section matched the speaking time.  However, looking back, some of those questions should have really been included in the presentation.  By trying to slim down the presentation so much, I made it maybe a little too precise.  In any case, I think it went well and did generate some interest in the project.

My slides are on the web for you to view (they’re made with HTML5): click here.
If you wish to see the slides and hear my talk then follow this link:  click here.  (Also, maybe I should’ve repeated the questions asked.  I’ll go through the question and answer section and put down the questions asked in order on this blog for you to follow along).

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