Mistakes and new functions

In my previous post, I was doing some tests.  Somehow, be it tiredness or plain out carelessness, I messed up one of my tests and forged ahead on a commit.  Luckily it was caught by Andor, and a bad release was avoided.  Then again, that’s what we have peer-reviews and super-reviews for.  However, I was able to find the problem and fix it… still the same old problem with the variables not updating once a resize is called.  It seems that I forgot to update an important variable.  I also took some time to test for the ortho function (since it was easy to change one line).  I added that update to the repo as well.

As can be seen above, the outputs are the same as what would be done in Processing.  I have also added in the necessary variable names that Andor was looking to use.  I’m still working on the current matrix stack and hopefully can get the testing finished either today or tomorrow.

I adapted PMatrix3D into all the camera functions already as Andor is working on it and should come out with the release at the same time as my functions.  I am a little concerned with how he implemented PMatrix3D though… it’s not an object, unlike PVector.


Testing camera, frustum and perspective

Anna, our new project manager, was doing a follow-up on me yesterday.  She brought up a valid point of me not blogging enough (which everyone already knows as well, if you’ve been following anyway).  I was stuck on a problem the past few days and just let it go, as I was busy with other things.  But I realize that if I blogged about it, I could have gotten the answer while I left it alone.  I did find the problem when I threw it out on IRC and people read it and provided feedback.  I ended up filing a bug (267) for the problem to get looked at in the future.

Anyway, I did get my tests done and the results were working as intended… and by that I mean my matrices were lining up with what Processing has…

I’m still thoroughly testing PMatrix3DStack… as there’s not default tests with that, I’m just plugging in some random numbers.  The biggest concern is mult… if it’s being multiplied properly.  If I can finished PMatrix3DStack testing tonight, I should be able to write a test for ortho() as well.